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Just what do we mean by the word wisdom? There are two ways to approach the subject, both of which have value. One is a mind-based, intellectual understanding of what it is and why it matters and the other a more heart-based way of living in accordance to its principles.

We use our brains to alayse and interpret data in ways that are adapted to
our own unique learning processes. Thus a mathematician recognises certain patterns and correspondences, whereas a linguist or musician resonates with others. We therefore seek out certain forms and fit new information into our existing maps of the world.

Our hearts, however, receive information differently and here it is the absence of form that matters. Here we let go of all previous knowledge and expectation and simply enter the creative potential of the unknown. We give ourselves the space to receive in ways that transcend the constraints and limitations of our thought processes.

True creativity, inspiration and growth therefore rely on the balance between
these two ways of experiencing and interpreting the world. When in balance they create the state of 'flow' that is so often seen in young children or absorbed artists
. When out of balance they create distorted views of the world that block natural creativity and development.

Wisdom can therefore be said to be an expression of the dynamic balance inherent in natural, healthy systems.