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The Trust is a Founding Member of the World Wisdom Alliance


Wendy Ellyatt

Wendy Ellyat

Wendy is a writer, researcher and innovator with a particular interest in the wisdom traditions of ancient cultures and the dynamics of natural systems. She has been involved with a number of projects worldwide - all of which have promoted the importance of human connectivity and potential. With two educational websites, and more than 30 internationally published articles, she sees the restoration of wisdom as en essential element for the positive transformation of current systems.

Diahann Hughes
Diahann Hughes

Diahann developed an interest in the wisdom traditions of ancient cultures after moving to Britain in 1996, which exposed her to a wide range of research worldwide into ancient sites and the cultures who built them. Years later she began to develop the idea for a visitor attraction to promote the material (Wisdom of the Ancients - WOTA) and for an educational trust to enable the work of these leading researchers to gain more visibility. She is currently the Managing Director of WOTA and a key advisor to the Trust.