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Tel +44(0)1544 327 927
Charity No: 1113141
The Trust is a Founding Member of the World Wisdom Alliance


Friends of the Ouroboros
When you become a friend of the Ouroboros Trust, you join an international network of individuals dedicated to increasing an appreciation of ancient and indigenous wisdom. You share a mutual concern for the rapid and worldwide loss of wisdom traditions. You join the call to recognize the field of Ancient and Indigenous Wisdom Studies as having great relevance and value to 21st century problems and progress, and particularly to our need to create a more sustainable future.

You also get discounts on all talks and workshops!

Become a Friend of the Trust

AIWS Donor Supporters
The Ouroboros Trust is a non profit organization that relies on the involvement and financial contribution of others to continue its work. We offer the opportunity to become part of something truly meaningful and timely and welcome all gestures of support. Please contact us if you would like to help.