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Tel +44(0)1544 327 927
Charity No: 1113141
The Trust is a Founding Member of the World Wisdom Alliance


Wendy Ellyatt co-founder of the Trust

Diahann Hughes co-founder of the Trust

Woody Vaspra, a native Hawaiian, co-founded the World Council of Elders, a 501(c)(3) educational organization in 2000.

Barrie Simpson: Ex Chairman of McBains Architects, Surveyors and Project Managers, Partner of the Simpson-Williams Partnership and Director of Fourcircle Properties Ltd. Psychosynthesis therapist.

Monte Zinn - Retired businessman residing in Ohio, USA, with vast experience in supporting a wide range of charitable organizations.

Nigel Booth - A successful businessman with a strong background in marketing and communication. Acts as a business advisor to start up and small businesses and is an active supporter and fundraiser for CancerActive.